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Training Master Certified Construction Manager© (MMCM)

Master Certified Construction Project Manager – Charter Certification ®

AAPM ® MCCM TM – Construction Manager

This is an executive program exploring the world of Construction Management consulting. The program is designed to facilitate a framework for providing management counsel to clients, institutions in the public and private sector. Candidates will incorporate the informational fabric from the core curriculum and become open to examples of comprehension in their technical expertise and experience in global human resources consulting roles to organizations. The modules are created to show candidates the key topics of the profession and to discussed, analyzed and understood. Candidates will also be expected to work break out groups and teams to present consulting services to actual clients and prepare solutions to case studies.

Who Should Attend

  • Construction Professionals
  • Construction Executives
  • Engineers, Contractors Real Estate Executives
  • Contruction Managers
  • Professional Consultants

Benefits of Attending

  • Those who complete this professional development program will learn cutting edge strategies in analysis and implementation of solutions for clients worldwide.


The certification affords individuals the opportunity to obtain substantive industry documentation attesting to their knowledge, and skills. It recognizes individual abilities and provides the certification necessary, that allows seasoned Construction Manager(s) recognition in the following core industry area(s):

  • Field project management, running the project from the field, ensuring accountability of corporate assets.
  • Time management, coordinating resources sufficient for the tasks at hand..
  • Area(s) of competency:
  • Procurement ordering and maintenance, understanding the importance of proper ordering and the sequence.
  • Roles and responsibilities of all industry disciplines.
  • Monitoring your Gantt Chart, understanding the importance of cost loading and resource management.
  • Quality Control on the site, maintaining project integrity, adhering to the specifications.
  • Fundamentals of the project commissioning, when, where and how, procedural aspects.
  • Monitoring subcontractors, time sequence and correlation between pay applications and the Baseline Gantt Chart.
  • Manpower utilization, assignment of personnel, daily work schedules, accountability of site personnel.
  • Monitoring changes in the scope of works, ensuring approved documentation is secured prior to physical changes and / or deviations.
  • Ethics Responsibilities
  • Maintain project integrity, ensuring corresponding specifications are followed and changes to any and all approved plans receive prior authorization.
  • Report safety violations, diligently investigate any and all safety violations, ensuring that they meet corporate standards.
  • Maintain the role as a supervisor, providing oversight of the entire project, ensure that violations are reported, in accordance with corporate policies and procedures.



  • HSP Academy Training Center (Dengan peserta maksimal 18 orang)
  • Hotel POP BSD, Grand Zuri BSD atau Fame Hotel Gading Serpong (Dengan peserta diatas 18 orang)


  • Biaya Training : Rp. 4,500,000,- (Empat Juta Lima Ratus Ribu Rupiah)
  • Biaya Sertifikasi AAPM: USD. 300,- (Tiga Ratus US Dollar)


HSP Academy Training Center

Ruko Graha Boulevard Blok D 26 Gading Serpong – Tangerang

Tlp. (021)29001153   atau 29001151

Hand Phone. 0813 1800 9166 atau 0822 9980 1099 atau 0812 8190 8009

Fax. (021)29001152


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