Three Days Intensive Workshop

Course Business Process Management
Instructor Fauzi Hasan, DR, Ir. MM, MBA, PMP, CISA, CISSP, SSCP, CISM, CGeIT, APICS
Description The business environment is always changing and no exception to the financial industry such as banking industry. The banking enterprise needs to be agile in order to be successful and survive on the long term. An effective business process management helps to overcome that challenge and achieve the necessary agility and innovation.

The Business Process Management (BPM) course provides participant with an understanding of the techniques for using business practices and methods to create and improve business processes. The foundational knowledge of business processes can be used to create benchmark processes that provide business performance improvements across functional units and organizational. The subject presents a radically different way of thinking about organizations and work in order to create knowledge and skills necessary to develop a program  of process reengineering, management and excellence in organizations.

Objectives At the completion of this course, the participants should be able to :

  • Conceptualize organizations as process collectives and implement new processes
  • Analyze business processes and understand their contribution to business performance
  • Improve process definition and efficiency by the application of process modeling and analysis methods
  • Support organizational transition through agile processes
  • Transition processes from the internal organization to external performers through outsourcing
Target Audience
  • Managers involved in the management, running or optimization of business processes
  • Project staff and executives involved in business process reengineering, business process improvement
  • Information technology professionals involved in projects that are concerned, in part, with the automation of business processes
 Duration 3 Days

Day1: Business Case

Day2: Business Case + Exercise

Day 3: Exercise

Course Contents and Descriptions

Segment 1:

Principles of Business Process Management

The segment defines business processes and business process management, in contrast to functional management. Participants learn to identify core and non-core processes and to assess properties of outstanding processes, relating process management with competitive advantage. Students are also

encouraged to analyze business processes in general terms for saliency and weaknesses  organization.

Segment 2:

Process Refinement

and Reengineering

The participants learn to recognize when process simplification is needed in banking organizations, using different techniques in process refinement. The segment presents implementation guidelines for process reengineering, which includes process scoping and directional teams, to prepare participants to manage complex business process reengineering projects and manage expectations.
Segment 3:

Business Process


The segment examines the management of business processes. Participants learn how to measure process refinement and build quality into the refined process, as well as evaluate a return on process refinement. The segment presents methodologies for process analysis and how a return-on-value metric may be used to evaluate process refinement. Participants are encouraged to discuss banking operational day-to-day details of root-cause analysis and benchmarking on which process refinement is based.
Segment 4:

Business Process


The participants learn how open BPM as a basic concept can be used to implement innovation process in their banking organization as relation to the dynamic demands in the finance industry. The segment shall emphasize on the relation between process and innovation, the importance of process innovation, and how to organize process innovation.
Segment 5:

Business Process Specification and Strategy

The segment describe on how to define process architecture, frameworks and relation to market offerings (banking products). The strategy is to achieve maximum process results from the selected referral models will be learnt by the participants as well.
Segment 6:

Business Process Implementation and Control

The participants learn practical initiatives as related to banking process blue prints by applying implementation tools such as the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with specific focus on financial industry (banking). The process control supported by event-driven-process management which is highlighted to be used in measuring the process Key Performance indicators (KPI) of the overall organization’s processes.
Segment 7:

Business Process Governance

The segment describes on process governance required  in particular line of  industry, the topics encompasses: definition of process governance, process design to support process governance in banking industry, implementation and execution of the process governance as in compliance with process-governance policy in one organization.



  • HSP Academy Training Center (Dengan peserta maksimal 15 orang)
  • Hotel POP BSD, Grand Zuri BSD atau Fame Hotel Gading Serpong (Dengan peserta diatas 15 orang)


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